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Ad Relevance Score on Facebook – how to minimize costs

How can you minimize the CPC (cost per click) of your company’s ads on Facebook? Every marketer is currently struggling to answer this question. When lowering the CPC it’s crucial to take account of the relevance score.

Relevance score for ads on Facebook – what’s that?

Facebook itself says that the relevance score for ads is a measuring tool used in reporting the effectiveness of an ad, showing its’ the estimated level of adequateness for the chosen audience. It’s calculated based on results of the ad and other factors. An ad with a high relevance score has a higher chance of being viewed than other ads.

It’s worth noting that ads receive the relevance score between 1 and 10, the lowest being 1. Getting the lowest score means that the ad is not suitable for the chosen audience. But the highest score (10) signalizes that this particular ad is very attractive.

An ad gets its relevance score as soon as it hits 500 views.

How the relevance score influences the cost of an ad

relevance score facebook

Here we can see the relevance score. Green columns are the CTR (Click through rate). If the viewers often click your ad, the CTR is high. The blue line is the CPC (cost per click) – showing you how much you paid for each of those clicks.

What is the graph telling? It’s showing that the relevance score directly influences the cost of an ad. If the ad receives the highest relevance score, its average CPC is 0,02$. But if it drops to 1, each click will cost you 0,95$.

Relevance score for ads – where do I find it?

trafność wskaźnika reklamy facebook

While in the Ads Manager, choose Columns: Results. The relevance score will pop up as one of the last columns, and only when scrolling through the Ads, not Campaigns nor Ad sets – you have to go all the way to the last element of the campaign – the ads.

How to improve the relevance score for ads?

First of all, our ads should be tailor-made for the chosen target group. Let’s assume you’re advertising some running shoes. If you target it at an audience that likes:

  • running
  • healthy lifestyle
  • fitness
  • dieting
  • marathons

These two are a perfect match for your target group, because they’re runners. If you remove the other, general characteristics of your audience, your ad will reach a higher relevance score. Targeting your ad should look like this:

  • running
  • marathons
  • healthy lifestyle
  • fitness
  • dieting

The second element is text and a photo/video in your ad. When writing the text you can use emoji that are more emotional than the text itself ???? ???? ???? ???? ????. Use them where you would normally use punctuation marks. Instead of an average picture, use Facebook to generate a 10sec video made of photos – yup, you can do it. You can find tons of inspiring examples on the internet. It’s 21 century, let’s use it.

True example

Look at this – an ad with a wide audience (10 interests) was narrowed down to 2 interests. Results:

Before (relevance score: 4, cost 3,20 PLN , CTR: 0,9%):

After (relevance score: 6, cost: 1,26 PLN, CTR: 2,4%):

Follow the light

As you can see, the relevance score for ads on Facebook can be really helpful when optimizing your ads. This text is fairly simple, maybe even trivial. It’s aim was to show you, that one simple thing makes everything about Facebook Ads much easier. I hope you found it helpful – the relevance score shows you the way to better results.

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